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We tend to stay away from Cold Hard Football Facts, but in the midst of their incessant Jets bashing, they did actually have a cogent thought worth sharing here on the blog. With all the kerfuffle around the Jets QB spot over the weekend, are the Jets forgetting about one of their hidden gems?

Lost amid the chaos is the fact that they have what may be a perfectly serviceable, drama-free quarterback sitting at the end of the bench.

His name is Greg McElroy. He was a bona fide A-list big-time college quarterback, who led Alabama to a national title in 2009 and followed up that performance with a senior year in which he completed 71 percent of his passes, averaged a gaudy 9.5 YPA and threw 20 TD against just 5 INT.


We’re not saying McElroy is the fourth-coming of Bart Starr, Joe Namath or Ken Stabler.

What we are saying is that stranger things have happened than a big-time, late-round college quarterback stepping onto an NFL field and proving to be at least mediocre or even better.

It's a great point and I think that the Jets should take that into consideration.  McElroy is the type of quarterback who could flourish in a West Coast, but Geno's careful control of the football might as well.

While CHFF hates all over the Jets in the article, I think that McElroy will be given the opportunity to start, just like every other quarterback on the roster this summer and it will be up to him to prove it.  Idzik has made it known that the QB spot is up for grabs.

I don't get the hate on the Jets drafting Geno Smith at the 39th pick.  No one is saying he's going to be the starter for 15 years, and at the spot he was drafted he's not going to cost the Jets all that much.  Did the Jets have other needs to fill?  Yes certainly, but quarterback was a huge one and grabbing the top-rated quarterback in the second round without trading up is huge.  I don't see the Jets saying that Geno is going to be the opening day starter, he's going to have to earn it, just like McElroy or Sanchez or Garrard would have to as well.

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