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TJB's own Jake Steinberg is working this summer with VICE Sports (the multimedia arts and culture publication with ties to networks like HBO among others) and wrote an article on the Jets Ellis Lankster and the difficulties Lankster faced with stuttering when he was young that is currently atop the site's homepage.

"Kids would tease me, and teachers didn't know if they should call on me," Lankster said.

Lankster withdrew from others and avoided participating in classroom discussions. He recalls not raising his hand, even when he knew the answers.

"It makes you feel isolated and different," Lankster said. "No child should ever have to feel like that."

Even though it might have been hard, Lankster's mother credits his success in athletics due to his channeling himself into sport when he was young.

"The situations Ellis has faced [because of his stuttering] have taught him he needs to work harder at what he wants," his mother, Sayinka Lankster said. "And one of the things I am proud of most is that [Ellis] does not like to see someone picked on or bullied, and he has been like that all his life."
It is a fascinating look into one of the Jets best special teamers and what's made him the man he is now.  Hearing stories about how he was picked on by children is hard, but understandable.  But from adults? It is intolerable.

We know that the Jets front office and coaching staff likes Lankster a lot and everything he's given over the past few years as a special teamer and occasional sub-package player.    While there's been a big overhaul for the Jets at corner, we hope that Lankster still gets a chance in the mix to see more time in nickel and dime coverage in addition to his work on teams.

On a personal note, we're proud of Jake and his work with us and now during his summer with VICE Sports.  We look forward to more articles from him before he heads back to school this fall.

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