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Mel Kiper spoke on a conference call about the draft yesterday and when asked about the Jets and he said something we've said about the Jets for months now, that the Jets are in a position to take help in any number of spots through the draft, via ESPN NY.

"They have as many needs as any team in the National Football League," Kiper said on a media conference call. "There are so many question marks, so many areas they could go."


"They’ve taken some hits (in free agency), they've got a lot of holes, they've got a ton of areas of need," Kiper said. "Don’t worry about filling needs, just take the best players. They’ve got so many need areas, you just take the best player on the board. Don’t force anything. For the first-round pick, if Mingo is there at nine, he’s worthy of being the ninth pick."

Two offensive guards, their starting tailback, a starting tight end, their nose tackle, two outside linebackers, a former starting inside linebacker and both safeties are all no longer with the team because of free agency.  The Jets also have no clear-cut long term answer at the quarterback spot and there are concerns about finding playmakers to shake up the offense.  That's a lot of needs that the Jets could address through the draft.  And I think that's why this draft is so critical to not just the long-term, but the team's immediate future.

Yes, there are many needs to fill, but as Kiper indicates the team might be best served taking the most talented players because they'll be better off in the long run and matching up their needs with the best players will likely overlap anyway based on the strengths of this draft class: offensive line, DE/OLBs, tight ends, safeties and situational skill-position players.

With a new GM, the Jets are going to have to start somewhere, and this draft is going to be as good a place as any to truly begin.

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