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Aaron Schatz writes on ESPN that the Jets have a lot of wood to chop when it comes to addressing their skill positions ... basically each and every one needs upgrades this spring.

Since it's an ESPN Insider article, here's just a snippet about the Jets and the wide receiver spot, but just so you know he also has concerns about the quarterback, running back and tight end spot.  It's nothing we didn't already know, but when you see it like that ... gulp.

The Jets must also figure out what to do at wide receiver. All six receivers who had at least 25 targets for the Jets had negative DVOA ratings, and the Jets were the only team in the league where only one wideout had at least 50 targets in 2012. That was Jeremy Kerley, who on a proper roster would be the slot receiver instead of the No. 1 target.
To explain, DVOA means how much better are they than an average or essentially replacement level player.  Kerley performed well for the Jets in 2012 despite the adversity that he had to deal with at both the quarterback and his own position.  I understand where Schatz is coming from, he is more of a slot receiver, but if we've seen anything in the last five years it's the real value that slot receivers can deliver to rosters.  Look no further than a player like Wes Welker, but Percy Harvin, Danny Amendola, and Victor Cruz are other stellar examples.  Paired with a good quarterback against subpar talent, a slot receiver can be super productive.  From a talent, size and speed perspective, there are many better players in the league than Jeremy Kerley, but I think that his tenacity, quickness and elusiveness can make him a serious contributor in any offense if he's first paired with a competent QB, or gets more help in diverting attention than he did in 2012 from the Tight End spot.  

Joe Caporoso over at TOTJ just wrote up a whole post about the value that Kerley can bring to the roster, and I agree with his final assessment.  Kerley is versatile enough to bump over to play most receiver spots, and the fact that he can be productive in the X and Z would seem to only supercharge the value he could bring at the slot.   

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