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In what seemed like a last-ditch game for the Jets, bringing as much talent to bear against the Dolphins would seem like a good plan, but after a last minute activation, Jets recevier Santonio Holmes only saw three snaps in the rather disheartening loss to the Dolphins.
Ryan said there was a plan to "pace" Holmes through Sunday, which saw rookie starting quarterback Geno Smith benched after a terrible first half in favor of the inexperienced Matt Simms.

"We didn't want to overload him," the coach said of Holmes. "We were trying to be careful out there. I don't' know how many plays he played, but I know it wasn't that many."

That plan hadn't been relayed to Holmes, though, he said.

When asked how he felt about the idea of slowing him down, Holmes said he "can't go against the coaches at all."

"I'm a player here," Holmes said. "I have to go with what the coaches say."

Other outlets called Santonio "frustrated" in the locker room and in this circumstance I can't say that I blame him. If the team was going to go to the trouble to activate him, why play just three snaps?

Like it or not, Holmes was the best receiver active on Sunday that the team had yesterday. It seems an odd move, considering the team was staring a month of irrelevance in the face with a loss to Miami.

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