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While Corey might have been talking about it for weeks now on the podcast, a rumor was published this week that the Jets might try and go after Mike Vick this offseason to be next year's starter for the Jets at the quarterback spot.  In Newsday, Bob Glauber writes about the plausibility of Mike Vick joining the Jets in 2013.

And though Vick isn't saying publicly where he'll end up, he is saying he believes he has many more years ahead of him as an NFL starter.

"I'm not a backup. Just being honest, just being candid. I'm a full-fledged starter," Vick told this week. "Whatever happens, wherever I end up, they're going to get 110 percent. You're going to get the same thing out of me that you got the last two, three years and that's 110-percent effort and a guy that's confident in his abilities to play and win. I want to start."

Vick would certainly be an upgrade to Sanchez, who has committed an NFL-high 50 turnovers over the last two seasons combined. But Vick still doesn't solve the Jets' problems long-term at the position. And with his history of injuries, the risk-reward ratio simply isn't in the team's favor. Consider: Only once in Vick's career has he started every game, and that was in 2006 ...

Glauber makes a great point that while there's been talk that the Jets could be interested in Mike Vick, it's important to wait and see who's running the organization first before jumping to whether or not the Jets will be in the Mike Vick sweepstakes.  Whoever is running the organization in two months, if they can look at the roster and see the addition of Mike Vick as something that makes them competitive and viable for the 2013 season, then maybe they will in fact make the move.  But as Bob Glauber points out, making Vick the starter will also bring an almost inevitable risk of him getting injured and missing time during the season.  While Vick will always be a mobile quarterback his line in Philadelphia didn't do him any favors either.  I'd want to study the matter more, but I almost feel like the Jets offensive line might be able to do a better job of protecting Vick in the pocket than the Eagles did, so that might tone down some of the hits he would take in a Jets uniform.

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