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Don Banks writes an opinion piece about the Revis trade on Sports Illustrated and there doesn't seem to be much in the way of sources and news, but Banks just tries to reason through the situation and what's best for all involved.

In it, Banks notes that he's personally acquainted with Idzik, and knows the Jets new GM will be as judicious as he can be while doing what's best for the club.

He may be playing it quiet and coy for the most part, but I know new Jets general manager John Idzik enough to know he fully realizes the position he's in, and will undertake the most sensible and intelligent way to approach the end game with Revis. With no chance of putting the genie fully back in the bottle in terms of their disgruntled star cornerback, the Jets really only have one good option here: Make their best possible deal with the Bucs in the coming days, and move on. Preferably before both Revis and the Jets have to deal with the messy and unnecessary charade of him returning to the team complex to continue his knee rehab next week.
It's good to know that Banks thinks highly of Idzik and his ability to handle this situation.

Revis might become a free agent in a year's time, but the Bucs see the value in acquiring him this year and know that pairing him with Dashon Goldson will be give them a major upgrade.  Doctors will need to be involved in any trade for Revis and keeping that under raps so might be tough as that all plays out.

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