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Are we witnessing the rise of Jake Locker?  Grantland's Bill Barnwell sought to answer that very question this week and ultimately came to these conclusions on the quarterback that the Jets are set to face off against this weekend in Tennessee.

I'll take away some positives and negatives from my three weeks with Locker. To be honest, I saw more functional accuracy on shorter throws than I was expecting; Locker still misses the occasional easy pass, but so does just about every quarterback. I don't think his zero interception rate means much of anything, since we saw how lucky he was to avoid one and there has been little change in any of his other rate statistics. What I'll be watching for is that final step Locker has to make to go from being a promising quarterback to a prosperous one. He needs to stop being the guy who can make all the throws and become the guy who does make all of them.
Locker might be figuring it out, but it's hard to imagine it is all going to 100% come together for him this weekend against the best defense he'll have seen come Sunday.  The Jets should be able to force Locker to make decisions that will cost his team.  The question is whether or not the Jets offense can have another performance like we saw last week against the Bills.
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