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Last week Ellis Lankster did an excellent job against the Bills on special teams as a gunner and Ben Shipgel of the New York Times has an excellent article on Lankster and his role on special teams for the Jets and what ST coach Ben Kotwica allows Lankster the flexibility to do.

All of his studying during the week — watching film, practicing technique, choreographing moves to beat the double team — is just preamble to the physical confrontation, that act of becoming a human missile without regard for his well-being.

Which he did, and quite well, on the second-half kickoff last Sunday against the Bills. Lankster said that Ben Kotwica, the Jets’ special-teams coach, had told him, “no lane, no contain.” That gives Lankster the freedom to improvise as long as he runs toward the ball.

Kotwica knows what he has in Lankster and he's really flourished in the last year and a half on special teams.  Lankster might have another good day on punt coverage as the Titans aren't that strong in their return game.  Look to see if he can get some other quick tackles or at least force the returner into other would-be tacklers this week.

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