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Let's ignore all the speculation about the Revis situation and consider what might happen in the event Darrelle Revis was to be traded. Over at, our buddy Jason talks about which teams might realistically be in a position to trade for Revis.

Of note, he suggests that some teams might still consider trading for Revis without giving him a new extension, but suggests that a second round pick would be the highest likely compensation in such a scenario. Interestingly, he doesn't consider the 49ers to be the obvious fit as a trade partner that the media seems to assume:

The two negatives for San Francisco are the fact that they are tight on cap room even with the trade of Smith and it is highly unlikely that they would sign Revis to an extension. San Francisco has a very specific way they design their salary cap which includes per game roster bonuses and often times using mechanisms to remove dead money protection from players contracts when the cap room presents itself. There is no chance that Revis would ever agree to such structures making him a bigger headache than he probably is with New York. San Francisco does not have a closing window so I don’t see them as a prime candidate.

He does discuss three other realistic possibilities though. We will continue to monitor the situation.

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