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More background details are emerging per ESPN NY about Mike Goodson and some other incidents with civil law issues over the past few years.  There's a string of paternity cases as well as some garnishment of wages because he failed to pay for jewelry and the like.

According to the report, a scout from another team asked if the Jets do background checks.  There's a lot of questions about the judgement that the Jets are using to fill out their roster this year, but I'm not about to get too carried away with it.

There must be a fine line between being able to have all Boys Scouts on the roster, versus fielding the roster with all troublemakers.  The question is more about whether or not the team can manage the roster's group and keep the troublemakers productive while also not sacrificing athleticism in the Boy Scouts.

This is a story that every team deals with, and seems to be getting pounded by the media because we don't have Tim Tebow to talk about anymore ...


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