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According to the NY Post, the Jets are working to re-sign LaRon Landry ... but what could he want contractually and could the Jets meet his demands?  And what does it mean?  Brian Costello writes about the matter.

The team is trying to figure out a way to re-sign safety LaRon Landry, according to a source, but his price tag may be too high for the cap-strapped club and he is expected to hit free agency on March 12.


It is unknown exactly how much Landry will be looking for as a free agent, but one league source said they expect Landry’s asking price to be extremely high after such a productive season. Nevertheless, one league executive believes there will still be enough injury concerns to keep Landry’s price down. The Jets had to rest Landry one practice a week last season to manage his health.

The Jets released several players last week in an effort to get under the salary cap and are not expected to spend much on players in free agency, making it unlikely they will be able to sign any players asking for more than $5 million a year as Landry is expected to.

The rumor is that Landry is looking for around $6 million or so a year.  The Jets might not have a lot of cap room in 2013, but if they are serious about Landry there are bonuses and such that they could use to massage the cap.  Also, if the Jets want to re-sign LaRon, it indicates that they might be taking a hard stance with their top cornerback long-term.  Landry was a big help to the Jets without Darrelle Revis.
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