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From Tampa, the a columnist opines that it might be that the Bucs are just not that incented to move on a Revis trade yet because they still want to see how the signing period plays out leading into the NFL Draft.

But a deal for Revis, should it happen at all, probably won't occur until after Revis has been through another few weeks of rehab on his reconstructed left knee, say around the NFl draft in late April.

The Bucs will have a much better idea then of their actual need for Revis, because they'll have a better idea of whether they can get a starting caliber corner in the draft.

Until then, the Bucs will remain patient. It's only March. And with some of the best corners in free agency still available, Revis still on the trade block and the draft still ahead, they see no reason to rush into making a mistake.

Another writer on TBO wrote that the Bucs consideration of trading for Revis must be linked with how good they think their quarterback can be.  Getting Revis means a championship run in the coming years, and without a trusted quarterback, it's a tough sell to trade for Revis.  That certainly makes sense, but I think the reason that there's been no action between the teams comes down to compensation.  So far both teams haven't been able to see eye to eye.

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