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There's a few mentions of Darrelle Revis in today's MMQB column on Sports Illustrated.

First, Peter King writes an idea that most of us would probably just answer with a "yeah ... and?" except for probably the last three words.

I think when I see headlines about the Jets keeping an open mind on whether or not to trade Darrell Revis, I am heartened that they have not lost their minds. Then I think: They're just saying that. There's far too much smoke out there, and far too little whispering to sources off the record that Revis is going nowhere, for me to believe they aren't desperate to move him. Mistakenly, of course.
Mistakenly?  It comes down to pragmatism.  Whether he's the most talented player the Jets have had on their team in a long time is besides the point.  The owner is unwilling to meet his escalating contract demands and Revis doesn't like to play on a contract that he doesn't feel like values him properly.  But if the Jets are so desperate to move him and there's so few teams to work with ... why are the Jets unwilling to take whatever the market has offered?  The Eagles have bowed out, and the two teams (Falcons & Niners) that Team Revis floated have been shot down by the teams themselves.

So, with one interested team to work and two fractious camps on the Jets side of the table, it's hard to imagine the Bucs would fall all over themselves to give up prime compensation in both picks and money, especially with the cornerback market sagging.  The Revis/Jets side of the table are bidding against themselves to get a deal done with one team and it's not working.

Peter King to the rescue, as he sees it, one team should climb into the Revis bidding.

San Francisco: Still haven't fixed the secondary, losing hard-hitting safety Dashon Goldson and not adding any corners. That's an absolute must. But they'll have more draft choices in 2013 than any other team -- 15 -- and GM Trent Baalke, despite what the Niners say publicly, has to be thinking about what it would take to acquire Darrelle Revis, with extra picks in the second, third and fourth rounds as chips. Whatever, San Francisco has to be markedly better in the back of the defense to have a chance to win the Super Bowl in 2014. Clutch physical receiver Anquan Boldin will help Colin Kaepernick make plays downfield.
Here we go again, but do remember that the Niners made it clear earlier that they weren't that interested and it's probably the money, not the picks that are the problem.  With five picks in the first three rounds, the Niners will be able to remake their secondary rather quickly, but adding a player like Revis surely would be a big help.  That said, this is just King's wishful thinking that the Niners would show interest ... at least for now ...
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