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Where will Michael Vick land?  No one seems to know much, but Peter King, one of the most connected reporters in the NFL threw out some suggestions in his MMQB article today.

Michael Vick should be in more demand than he is. I keep saying this, and few believe me: Vick’s a very good locker room guy now, a leader, and he’d be a good team guy whether or not he wins the starting job. I think if Vick had been more accurate in his past two years in Philly (.581, .546), offensive coordinator Norv Turner could have been sold on him with the Vikings; I know Vick was very interested in Minnesota. The team that makes the most sense is the Jets, because they have no idea if Geno Smith is their quarterback of the future. Oakland makes sense because the Raiders have no idea what they have either. I’ll give you a dark horse here: San Francisco. Let’s say Vick gets only lukewarm interest to start, or to compete for a starting job. If so, and if the Niners want more than a third-string insurance policy for Colin Kaepernick, Vick might be willing to go to try to win a Super Bowl ring. He turns 34 in June.
While the Niners offers him a spot among one of the NFL's top five teams, the one thing it doesn't offer is a chance to start.  From everything we've heard Vick very much wants to continue on as a starter, which is why Minnesota was of real interest.

The Jets have been connected to Vick in many reports over the last few weeks, but everything so far from the likes of King, Adam Schefter and others has been conjecture.  If the Jets are interested in Mike Vick, they are doing a very good job of keeping it quiet.

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