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Steve Serby writes for the New York Post that the Jets made the right call by staying their hand when it comes to the Jets head coach:

Idzik could have insisted on hiring his own man, and Johnson could have rubber stamped it and they would have been the Same Old Jets welcoming a fourth HC of the NYJ since Tom Coughlin arrived to coach the Giants.

Some may see keeping Ryan as Johnson’s unwavering blind loyalty to a favorite son.

I see it as an important growth of his stewardship.

It's a great point by Serby. Since the Jets last three coaches have all been assistants or coordinators with little-to-no head coaching experience, part of the process is letting those coaches mature and grow. After the 2012 season ended, what Woody wanted to see from Rex was progress and maturity from his head coach. Rex's demeanor and the way the team played this year might have demonstrated just how much he's grown. Since Idzik's arrival, Ryan has worked well with the first year GM and seems to know when to take a backseat.

2013 was a tough year, but the long-term gains from doing the hard thing by taking austerity measures with the roster this year will only help the team all the more in 2014 and beyond.

Of course, expectations will be high for Ryan and the Jets in 2014, but after the last month it's hard not to feel like I'd want it any other way.

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