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In speaking with the press yesterday after close to a full season watching his rookie quarterback, Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg thinks Geno Smith has a bright future ahead as an NFL quarterback.

Via the New York Daily News:

... offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg gave the rookie QB a vote of confidence on Thursday.

“I’m even more certain now than I was earlier that he could be a really good one,” Mornhinweg said.

Smith’s development and potential will be a key question facing the Jets this offseason. While there have been flashes of a good quarterback at times, his errors have piled up all year long. Smith is second in the league, behind only Eli Manning, with 21 interceptions.

“Everybody progresses at a different rate at really all positions, but (in) particular the quarterback,” Mornhinweg said, though he also admitted, “I felt like we had to restart almost a few weeks back.”

After a number of benchings, the Jets did a hard reboot with Geno heading into the Raiders game. The game plans shifted to fit him better and he was clearly more comfortable with playing in chaos than he had up to that point.

Geno played very well against a bad Raiders defense and maybe all that with the confidence boost of one good game seem to be paying dividends. Smith then followed it up with a modest showing against the Panthers. Smith didn't have a killer game in Carolina, but the fact that he didn't implode has to be appreciated.

As far as Geno's job security, he shouldn't just get a free pass because he's a rookie or because the talent around him was sub-par, but that must be factored into the equation. With some healthy pass catchers and a healthy Chris Ivory along with the offensive line using Nick Mangold to babysit Brian Winters more of late, things have evened out a bit.

With some dynamic young talent at quarterback about to enter the NFL Draft for 2014, it is going to be important to see if Geno can start to make corrections from the mistakes that have trailed him all season. For instance, can he do better at working through his progressions? Will he use his check downs more prudently? Can he recognize the safety / corner blitz and either make the adjustment or better yet, use the pass to his advantage?

Geno won't solve all those problems in two more games, but it's the progress that we need to see more than anything else.

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