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Not really news for many of the readers of this blog, but NFP makes a note that triangulates some of the assumptions on what the Jets will be doing in regards to their roster in the next month.

Those familiar with the Jets’ thinking are not surprised to see Darrelle Revis on the market. In fact, they say they believe the Jets might do more housecleaning. The feeling out of New York is upper management is disenchanted with the roster and is pushing change.
There are some players on the roster to build around, but there's not enough players who are already high level contributors at low dollar figures ... that's one of the big drivers for success in the NFL.  Worse yet, there are players eating up cap space being paid way more than they are worth.  When the GM gets fired and a new man is brought in from an another team to do the job, you'd expect that upper management might not be thrilled with the way the roster is comprised.

As Jason noted in the cap crunch post when the team is so far over the salary cap, there's really no way to approach the offseason other than to "do more housecleaning" ... it's less about how enchanted they are or not with the roster and more that the team doesn't have a choice.  While rosters always have a fair amount of turnover, the 2013 team is going to be substantively different than it was in 2012.  Players like Bart Scott, Eric Smith and Tim Tebow almost assuredly won't be back.  In addition, players like Calvin Pace and a few others will have some hard decisions to make on restructuring their contract or not.  Some guys like Sione Pouha might be willing to restructure and stick around, others might not be so willing.

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