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Kristian Dyer writes for CBS New York about the desperate attempts of the media to attribute everything to the "circus" surrounding the Jets, something the media created and perpetuated themselves in large part:

Knocking the Jets for taking Smith — arguably the best quarterback in the draft — with a second-round selection after using their first-round picks on two solid defensive players is a double-standard by the mainstream press. What general manager John Idzik envisioned is an open competition where Smith — whether this year or next year or perhaps the year after — can win the starting job. To ridicule the idea of bringing in a young and talented quarterback to compete and play ignores the master plan behind the selection of Smith and sinks to the lowest common denominator.

In other words, mocking the Jets is such an easy thing to do that no matter the decision, many will simply take shots at the team. It is any easy thing to do, perhaps, and a bit of a no-brainer given some of the choices made by the Jets in the past.

It's good to see some positive vibes and honest reflection from the media from time to time and also a sense that things may be changing for the better under the new regime.

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