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Mike Goodson's status with the Jets is uncertain, but what's not is the State of New Jersey's stance on hollow point ammunition. Rich Cimini of ESPN NY spoke with a professor at Seton Hall on the subject.

New Jersey also has some of the strictest sentencing requirements in the nation for possession of hollow point bullets. If convicted of the charge, Goodson could face a five-year mandatory minimum sentence according to Jenny Carroll, an associate professor of law at Seton Hall Law School, where she teaches criminal law. The gun charge could be dropped for either Goodson or Evans if the police determine who it belonged to, but Carroll said both occupants of a vehicle can still be found guilty of charges relating to one gun or hollow point bullets under a clause called constructive possession.


The NFL mandates that each team has a preseason meeting with players where team officials and law enforcement go over local gun laws. The NFL discourages all players from owning guns but stipulates that all players who do choose gun ownership must have them legally registered.

That's pretty serious stuff.  The point here is to show what is at stake for Goodson, not get into a whole debate about politics.  Obviously, five-year prison sentences are not handed out without a lot of court proceedings, so that should be kept in mind in terms of how long this legal process might be.
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