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Chase Stuart, one of the blogosphere's more thoughtful analysts, writes about Geno Smith at his blog, Football Perspective. By comparing Smith's strong finish to the season with other rookies that finished well, he concludes that there are some positive signs that there could be good things to come.

However, that comes with a caveat:

For Smith, the way quarterbacks like Foles, Manning, Bledsoe, Garcia, and Palmer finished their rookie years is a promising sign; however, I admit to still being a bit skeptical. In Smith’s case, his “early season” numbers are dragged down by a horrible November, not necessarily by a bad start to the season. Smith didn’t show steady progress throughout the year, he was just inconsistent and finished well; that would lend more credibility to the “splits happen” theory than Smith “figuring out the game as the season moved on.”
He does, however, concede that Smith's chances of developing will be helped by the Jets having a healthy and upgrading receiving corps in 2014 and beyond.

Either way, it's a fascinating study that you should go and read in full.

In the comments section yesterday, we had an interesting discussion about whether Smith's last four games were better than any four game stretch Mark Sanchez had ever put up. While Sanchez has several three game stretches that far outstrip what Smith did in those last four games, he seemed to fall short of sustaining that level of play for four games in a row. However, we reached a consensus that the four games from week two to week five in 2010 (four wins including all three division opponents, three straight games with a rating over 100) trumps Geno's 2013 finish.

The Jets will be hoping that Smith can build on his good finish. That's assuming, of course, that they're planning to move forward with him as a starter.

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