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Pat Daugherty of Rotoworld ranked the NFL's GMs and here's what he wrote about his number fifteen entry, John Idzik:

One of the most valuable assets Idzik inherited upon replacing Mike Tannenbaum was his coach, Rex Ryan. The problem? General managers and inherited coaches are almost always a match made in hell. Idzik and Ryan not only flipped the script, however, they agreed on a contract extension. As this Week 17 scene suggests, the duo’s respect for each other appears to be genuine. But Idzik accomplished far more than simply cozying up to his head coach. He drafted the league’s Defensive Rookie of the Year, DT Sheldon Richardson, at No. 13 overall. Where’d he get the pick? From the Bucs in the Darrelle Revis trade. That would be the same trade where all of one team was believed to be willing to surrender its first-round pick. In barely three months on the job, Idzik played his only card perfectly, and turned it into a player who could be a defensive cornerstone for years to come. Not bad, right? Now Idzik must pass every GM’s litmus test: Find a quarterback. If he can, Gang Green might finally crash through the door it’s been banging on since 2009.
It's only been one year and for Daughterty to rank Idzik right in the middle of the pack is pretty damn good in my opinion and I think it is a fair estimation of his ideas, skills and execution.  With that said, he had a pretty good run last year while doing things on a shoestring.  With double-digit draft picks and what looks like over $40 million in cap room, can he make the lasting impact with the right players as around? The question for him a year from now that could put him closer to the top ten is how he fares in putting together a team together when resources aren't a concern and the expectations are heightened.
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