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Corey Griffin and Brian Bassett try to pick up the pieces on the latest episode of TheJetsBlog Podcast.  This week’s special guests are Jets Ring of Honor member and current SNY Analyst Joe Klecko, current DB Kyle Wilson, and Erik Manassy from Jets Twit.

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Intro with hosts Corey Griffin and Brian Bassett

  • Recap of last week’s predictions, the lead holds steady
  • Jets / Pats Recap: 52 Seconds of Hell and then some more
Former Jet Joe Klecko calls in (13:50)
  • What happened??
  • How do you feel about the team as a former player?
  • Rex and Tannenbaum’s future
  • Bright Spots on D: Wilkerson and Coples
  • Jets / Cards preview
  • Joe’s prediction
Corey and Brian play “Will They Be Fired?” – a new high concept segment!! (27:35)

TJB Podcast correspondent Andrew Johnston goes 1-on-1 with Kyle Wilson (34:07)

  • Have you ever seen anything like that before?
  • How’s the locker room?
  • Moving forward against Arizona
Jets roundtable chat with Erik Manassy from Jets Twit for some unscripted fan talk (36:26)

Players to Watch…AKA The Jersey We’re Least Ashamed To Wear

The Forecast (45:50)Corey and Brian lay down their predictions for this week

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