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Corey Griffin and Brian Bassett host the latest edition of TheJetsBlog Podcast, as the Three-Ring Circus is in full swing for Gang Green.  This week’s special guests are Newsday’s Bob Glauber, who joins the show from Florham Park, and Jets linebacker Bart Scott, who reacts to the controversy surrounding the team.  Oh yeah, the guys also preview the Rams game.

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Intro with hosts Corey Griffin and Brian Bassett

  • Recap of last week’s predictions, Brian and Corey are neck and neck
  • A complete wrap on Jets/Seahawks and dwelling on the current chaos
  • A look at the Rams
Newsday’s Bob Glauber calls in from Florham Park (25:31)
  • What the heck is going on out there?
  • The Daily News article and the fall out
  • Rex and the locker room
  • The current state of the team
  • What’s the future for this team?
Corey and Brian break down the remaining season schedule…Mike and the Mad Dog Style!

Bart Scott 1-on-1 Interview (47:50)

  • Bart talks about the anonymous sources and his teammates
  • What the team needs to do to rally
  • What will happen in St Louis?
Players to Watch…AKA The Jersey We’re Least Ashamed To Wear

The Forecast (53:42)Corey and Brian lay down their predictions for this week

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