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Over the next few days, we'll take a look at each position on the Jets roster and take a look ahead at what the Jets might expect and might need to address this coming offseason.  Up first, the Wide Receivers.

Coming Off The Books

Braylon Edwards -- Based on what we saw from the 2012 Jets, there is no reason to not convince Edwards to take a low-level deal for one year to come back to New York with larger promises for later.  Edwards loves New York, knows he's appreciated and could work into the offense in a number of places and not take away too much from Stephen Hill ... or step in in his place if necessary. Priority signing to a veteran minimum deal.

Chaz Schilens -- Make Schilens the #2 priority between him and Edwards.  28 catches and 2 TDs isn't a level of output that is so invaluable to the Jets that they can't move on from him.  Secondary priority.

Clyde Gates -- Gates seems to have a deep play ability that works in spurts with Sparano's offense and he has a rapport with McElroy.  Who's calling the shots and pulling the trigger in 2013 might determine his future with the team.  Gates might be a nice piece to keep around, but he's not exactly a world-beater unless paired with a rifle armed QB.  Secondary priority.

Jordan White -- I have said that I am a fan of White's body of work from college.  White's rookie season might have been dashed by a unfortunate injury during spring practices, but I'd like to see White get another shot with the team in 2013 to become a Danny Woodhead type of player if he can work on his burst.  White's speed is less but his build and durability make him a promising special teamer and slotback / running back.  Reserve/future contract.

On The Books

Stephen Hill -- Hill had an up and down year, but looked to be turning a corner right before his season ending injury.  Hill came out of the gate strong against the Bills in Week One, but struggled much of the rest of the season until responding after his tough games against Saint Louis and the Patriots.  Hill is going to have to put in a solid and dedicated offseason to better his route-running and hands skills with his otherworldy physical talent.  His rookie salary makes him an easy player to keep. Increase role.

Jeremy Kerley -- In the midst of a meltdown, Jeremy Kerley came a long way.  While the Jets expected Kerley to be a slot receiver, Kerley responded to the opportunity given him when Holmes went down.  Kerley's season ending output came in line with the pace that Santonio Holmes was going for before his injury, so the Jets have a wonderful replacement starter and slot receiver at a minimum in Kerley.  Increase role.

Santonio Holmes -- Holmes was on pace for over 1000 yards and 80 catches in 2012, but it's still fair to ask how many of those yards would have been "empty calories."  Sanchez locked on Santonio and while Holmes was a backbreaker for opposing defenses in 2010, he's been lackluster since.  With the money due him, I don't see how the Jets could cut him and save any money.  The Jets are likely stuck with Holmes for one more year and they'll do their best to get as much out of him as they can ... unfortunately it will be to the tune of an $11,000,000 salary number.  While I've been harsh on Santonio in the past, I am going to ask for a blank slate for 2013 for a few reasons.  In 2013 he could be playing with a new quarterback and maybe even new coordinator which might play more to some of his abilities.  Could the Jets find a way to get their first 80 catch season from him?  Grit teeth for salary cap reasons, ride out one more year.

CB/WR Royce Adams -- Adams hit the reserve this year and might be a player that the Jets have pegged for a special teams / depth role in 2013.  They are going to need versatile players who can move around the roster depending on need and while Adams had a tough camp, 2013 might be another chance for him to prove how far he's come in a rehabilitation / strength program in the past year. 2013 practice squadder.

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