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Yesterday in a media session with reporters, Tony Sparano said that he knows how to use Tim Tebow in his offense.  So if that's the case ... then why isn't he being used effectively?

Setting aside any starting QB talk, there's an attitude of exasperation among fans and media as the Jets enter their eighth game of the season.  To date, other than a few nifty punt fakes, there's not been the amount of offensive impact via the spread option or Wildcat that many expected with the trade for Tim Tebow writes Mark Cannizzaro for the Post.

The only folks the Jets appear to have fooled with Tebow on offense are themselves and their fans, because outside of his work on the punt team, Tebow has not been the high-impact player he was advertised to be.


The more you watch Tebow in the Jets’ Wildcat, the more you yearn for Brad Smith, who was a more dynamic big-play threat, averaging double-digit yards per touch in some stretches.

The more you watch Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, the supposed godfather of the Wildcat from his days as the Dolphins head coach, the more you wonder about their previous offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and ask, “What would Schotty do?’’

Oh no he didn't!  That last shot might sting a bit, but it's kind of true.  The Jets have been wholly ineffective in how to use this unconventional player in an unconventional role.

I've given up seeing Tebow be used extensively in this offense as an option back or whatever.  In their failure to use him much this far into the season, the team's talk about his usage as a Wildcateer is proving to have just been noise.

The Jets distracted everyone with their talking up his ability to play the Wildcat, but it seems obvious that if they aren't making a legitimate effort to use him in that role, that there was another role that they thought they needed him for and I think we can all guess what that one is ... it's the one that ESPN was hoping for all summer long.

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