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Even after suffering an ankle injury, Nick Mangold did play most of the game on Monday night against the Texans, but it is unclear whether or not Mangold will be able to suit up come Sunday against the Colts according to Newsday.

... Mangold has until Sunday to get ready for the Colts at MetLife Stadium, and he declined to rule himself out of that game even after missing practice because of the ankle injury he suffered Monday night against Houston.

“I’m always hopeful,” Mangold said when asked if he expects to play.

A request for him to put a percentage on his chance of playing Sunday was met with a joke: “I’m not very good at math. I don’t know. It’s just see how things go every day and go from there. Every day, it keeps getting a little better. That’s a good thing.”

While it might appear odd that Mangold was able to play the remainder of the game, but might not be able to go Sunday, it's a common occurrence for athletes that once the stiffness and swelling sets in longer term, it's harder to get ready for the next game, but in the heat of the battle it's not as much a  concern.  While his return to the game was a good sign, we're going to monitor his progress the rest of the week.  After an unexpected win over the Packers last week the Colts might not be the punching bag that many assumed they would be this year.  Andrew Luck is a rookie, but he's showing why he was the first overall pick
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