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When asked Monday about any controversy that might be taking place on the Jets, specifically at the running back spot, center Nick Mangold  told the Star-Ledger that there's not much chance the Jets will get into the backbiting we saw from them last year, writes Mike Vorkunov.

"I think we learned last year that pointing fingers and being disgruntled doesn't help anybody," Nick Mangold said. "It's not going to help anybody. We've got a pretty good locker room that we all understand it comes down to execution...It doesn't matter if we have Joe Namath back there, if we don't execute it's not going to work...We're going to keep the finger pointing away from our locker room."
It's good to see that the players would be behind their teammate, but it will only take one player saying something anonymously for this to get ugly quickly in the press and potentially spiral.  For now, it seems Sanchez's teammates are taking the high road and that's a good thing, even if Sanchez isn't viable for this team long-term.

Mangold hits the nail on the head though when he talks about execution.  That's been the Jets - and specifically the offense's problem - since last season and the Jets have never been able to find a consistent offensive groove since Damien Woody retired and Braylon Edwards wasn't re-signed.  The Jets tried to address wide receiver in the draft and in time Stephen Hill could be quite a player, but the line has never recovered from their loss of Damien Woody at the Right Tackle spot, though it's at least stabilized since Wayne Hunter was traded.

The team's inability to road-grade in the run and give Sanchez the (higher than average) time he needs to throw the ball have been hard to come by and the team can't seem to scheme around that.  Some say that Sanchez is regressing, I don't know that it's about his regression as much as it is he's suffering from a weaker supporting cast and can't rise above it.

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