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Mark Sanchez told the NFL Network that Geno Smith was invited to Jets West.

"I sent out an email to everybody, some guys got back quicker than the others, but everybody was invited. It's not a big deal that he is not here," Sanchez said.

Smith is reportedly working out in Florida, according to Gregg Rosenthal of

It's a bold move by Smith, and one that clearly indicates that he's not jumping on board with the Sanchez as a the leader of this team program.  I've said that it would look bad for him not to attend, and while it can be interpreted that way, it also is an indication of his standing against the status quo of the offense and we get the sense that people like that.  Smith has been hounding Marty Morhinweg about his offense all spring, so while the Jets West reps might have been beneficial, it is not as if Smith isn't getting help elsewhere via the coaches or his Florida workouts.

We all knew that we had a camp battle on our hands, but between Sanchez's assertion that he's going to be the starter and Geno declining Jets West, it looks as if we've got the beginnings of an interesting competition already heating up before training camp starts two weeks from today.

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