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The Jets posted their depth chart, and "Mark Sanchez/Geno Smith" is listed as the starting QB.

Here's the full chart:

There aren't many major surprises here, other than perhaps Bilal Powell being listed as a starter (although obviously Chris Ivory and Mike Goodson's demotion is due primarily to their unavailability). Reuland over Smith and Hill over Edwards are interesting to note.

The defensive and special teams depth charts are also available here but again there aren't really many surprises, although Darrin Walls being ahead of Ellis Lankster is interesting. Internally, the Jets typically have two defensive depth charts (base and nickel), but they're effectively consolidated into one here.

You may recall that last year's first-depth-chart-of-camp had Dennis Landolt as the second string right tackle - ahead of eventual starter Austin Howard - so there's plenty of time to climb the ladder.

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