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After last night's colossal hit at the hands of Marvin Austin, a third string defensive tackle for the Giants, X-rays came back negative for Mark Sanchez, who has already been ruled out of the team's game this Thursday against the Eagles.

No broken bones might be a good thing, but it doesn't sound as if Mark Sanchez is out of the woods, per a source who spoke to Kristian Dyer for Metro:

A source close to the situation tells Metro New York that Sanchez “does not have any broken bones,” but that more tests would be needed to determine the extent of the injury. Reports yesterday morning said Sanchez, who had an X-ray after the game, was slated for an MRI the day after the game.

The source said Sanchez, “barring a miracle,” will not practice Monday.

No broken bone are good things, but we have a hunch that Mark Sanchez might not be available to the Jets for a chunk of time.  Sore shoulders tend to not heal very quickly, especially throwing shoulders on quarterbacks.

Muscle/tendon/ligament type damage might be what is in store for Sanchez. If so, the Jets coaches and front office are going have a lot of questions to answer among themselves about how to move forward with this team.

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