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Back in 2012 when the ship was sinking on the 2012 season, there was a report that while Rex Ryan looked for answers on how to fix his offense, Ryan loved Michael Vick as a player and would consider bringing him in to New York had he become a free agent.  About a month after that Ryan story about Vick ESPN's Adam Schefter wrote a piece stating Vick wasn't thrilled with the idea of reuniting with Marty Mornhinweg, most likely because Vick and Mornhinweg were at odds about his ability to help the team as a starter.

Now more than a year later, it is plain that Nick Foles has come a long way in a season and has cemented his status as the future starter for the Chip Kelly led Eagles.  But for Vick, the question remains what will happen with now-backup as he prepares to hit the open market?

According to Vick he wants to find a place where he can start, above all. Vick told a Philadelphia radio station this week that"I want to start" and while he would consider a contract from the Eagles he will test the free agent waters first to see what he can find first.

When asked about returning to Philly, Vick said he wants to explore all his options. "I want to see what’s out there for me. It’s only right,” Vick told the Philadelphia Inquirer this week in New York. “This is the first time and probably the only time I’ll ever have to do it in my career. So I just want to take advantage of it. I’m excited about it. It’s new and it’s kind of refreshing.”

Over on NFL Network this week, Vick was asked if the Jets would be a good fit.  Vick's reply was wisely coy.  “Who knows? What I am is really excited about the opportunity to play again in 2014 and that’s what’s important.”

Vick is going to want to try and go to a city where he can start first and foremost.  If he was going to come to the Jets, one would think that they would have to give him a pretty good verbal indication that yes, he would become their starter in 2014 before he signed a deal.

That said, how many other teams might be willing to offer Vick a de facto starting position before even signing on the dotted line?  Wisely, Jets GM John Idzik has not committed to Geno Smith as the starter for 2014, but it seems likely that the Jets will move Mark Sanchez this offseason to clear cap space and will provide Geno Smith the chance to start in 2014 with a better supporting cast.  Sure, the Jets might be interested in Vick, but it seems like a long shot if Vick will want to start as a condition of joining a team.

While Idzik was panned for not committing to his starter after the 2013 season ended, his unwillingness to make bold declarations in January about his starting quarterback has left this option open without undue media hysteria.  And for a team looking for every way to get better and a lot of money to spend, that is a very good thing and allows them every option by not painting themselves unecessarily into a corner.

UPDATE: Let's not forget the poll results when we asked what your reaction would be to getting Vick less than 14 months ago...

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