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Always outspoken former Jets quarterback Joe Namath gave his assessment of Geno Smith and whether or not he thinks he's earned the right to be the de facto starter going forward, wrote Bob Glauber over the weekend for Newsday:

"What we saw with Geno and what he went through, there were a lot of ups and downs that hopefully he can learn from and play better next year," Namath said. "I'm still one of those animals that says you have to prove you deserve to start every time. Peyton Manning did it. Drew Brees did it. Tom Brady did it. They go out there every time, so I don't think Geno is quite yet in a position to say, 'This is my job. It's guaranteed.' No, not yet.

"Give Geno some help and we'll see a different thing as well. Give him more help with the offense, receivers and more consistent play with the offensive line and he'll be better."

Getting some help for Geno will be a key part of the puzzle to find out what Smith is.

As we saw at the end of the season, Smith seemed to make better decisions and be more confident in his receivers, once he had his best ones back on the field. He also tried to be less perfect in his game and was more willing to scramble when required. Still, the team needs to do what it takes to upgrade at the receiver and tight end position in both free agency and the draft. There's no need to go do a Mike Wallace type deal, the Jets should be able to get away with upgrading the receiver position with a number two type ... assuming they find a receiver of the future in the first two days of the NFL Draft.

We get what Namath is saying about Geno's status. The fact that he was a second round pick and that he's shown some promise makes him no guarantees, but the likelihood that the Jets will be able to upgrade at the QB position, either by free agency or the NFL draft (since they are drafting 18th) seems unlikely. The good news is that seeing the rookie flip the switch in December could mean good things for the Jets in 2014.

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