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Here's some things to think about Braylon Edwards as he links up with the team to help them in their final three games of the 2012 season.

Is Health Status An Issue? -- Edwards tweeted the other day that he feels like he can make an impact in the NFL, but since he had a minor injury designation during his waiving by Seattle and he hasn't had a catch with the Seahawks since Week 6, just how effective can he be?  We'll find out now that he's reuniting with a familiar quarterback and based on how much time he sees on the field.

Panacea Me Not -- Let's be honest, that based on performance, Braylon Edwards is in all likelihood not the same place that he was back in 2010.  He's had only 23 catches since that time on two playoff bound teams.  Was Tannenbaum right at the time?  Maybe, but of the two players he faced the conundrum signing, Edwards skillset was the harder of the two to duplicate/replace.  But the fact that fans (just like me) are so excited fascinated with the move is more of a commentary of the way this team was constructed for the 2012 season.  Even so, it's flippant to say that he won't have any impact.  If Sanchez is being marginalized, then there's a place Edwards skills make complete sense as a starting point.  He could well make an impact in one of the most crucial parts of the Jets overhauled/underhauled offense ...

Run-Blocking -- Stephen Hill was a good run-blocker, but Edwards was one of the best blockers in the league during his days with the Jets.  Ryan talked about it all the time and he wasn't being hollowly boastful either.  Since the Jets are going to be a run-heavy offense as they limp their way to the end of the season, look for Edwards to make an impact to the team in this increasingly important factor of their offense.

Throw and Catch -- Mark Sanchez and Braylon Edwards made an art of either connecting on passes that only Edwards could grab (back corner end zone), or that at the very least make plays that his size would dictate smaller defensive backs getting penalized for DPI calls.  It's hard to imagine that Edwards and Sanchez will pick up immediately where they left off in 2010, but some of those aspects could remain ...

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