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A friend of mine, Greg Linton, is highly respected NFL agent. I reached out to him yesterday to get his input on John Idzik.

Here's what he told me:

Great Hire...He has a great relationship with agents as well. That will be a pretty big plus as well. Most people don't know the role he played in helping to build that team in Seattle. Those who know, know... he's very fair. He returns calls, emails, engages in conversations. and most importantly, HE cares about the well being of his players. Agents respect that. As long as your player is doing his job, John will always be honest with them and you.
I also asked him about the notion that Idzik is just a cap guru and not a personnel guy:

You can't believe everything you read regarding a guy. Everyone in the Seahawk organization will tell you yes, [he is a personnel guy]. It's tough for a guy when he's [being judged] already before he steps off the plane. But MOST around the NFL think it'll be good. There's a lot the public doesn't know, but assume he knows more than what people think. He helped build one of the deepest teams in the league. And they still have 10 picks.
On the path he took to become the Jets general manager:

Name the top four general managers in the league, and study their background. They went through the same initially.
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