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Quinton Patton

A lot has been made about the Jets needing to add some firepower to their offense in this year's draft.  Santonio will be back, but he might only be in New York for a year or two more.  Stephen Hill appears to be ready to make some strides in his production, and Kerley is a reliable target.  Still, the team might need another option that can fill in for the team down the road and push for a starting role in two years.  Names like Tavon Austin and Cordarelle Patterson have been mentioned with the Jets first pick, but should they not draft a receiver in the first, what about Day Two?

With that in mind, I looked at John Pollard's stats on clutch receptions and lowest percentage of drops and only one name was in the top ten in both of these categories, Quinton Patton.

Patton is someone we've had our eye on since we heard reports of him during the Senior Bowl and he might be a second rounder in this year's draft class, but coming from a smaller program, he might slip to the third.  Patton doesn't have breakaway speed, but he's compared to Nate Washington (TEN) in his quickness, ability to eat up a coverage cushion, run disciplined routes and beyond that can bring a larger physical presence than one might expect from his 6'0" 204 lbs.  Patton is also a quick study and could blossom in the NFL as he gains experience, adds some upper body strength if he's willing to be a possession style receiver.

He's no Tavon Austin, to be sure, but the Jets moving to a West Coast system could benefit greatly from a quick receiver who's not afraid to mix it up and would get the ball quickly after the snap.  Patton was a punt returner in college so he'd know how to set up his blocks and can see the field well, all traits that bode well for a WCO.


Quinton Patton NFL Draft Profile

Quinton Patton CBS Sports Draft Profile

What do you think?  While I'd not be thilled with using the Jets current second rounder on Patton ... is he of interest?

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