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Now on Day Three of the NFL Draft, where have the Jets been so far and where are they going? Some quick thoughts below. I will be handing the keys to the rest of the guys today as I have some family matters to attend today. More as soon as I can!

Five and Counting for a Four -- I wasn't in love with the idea of giving up the fourth instead of the fifth for Ivory, some will argue it's Idzik blinking first again, but for the running backs that are left he's the perfect NFL tested complement and he's proven he can run the ball when opponents know its coming. So by the end of Day Two the Jets got five starters (likely) over the next three years at a minimum .. with a few more picks to come.

Guard Yourself -- The Jets coveted a Guard and they weren't able to grab one early. I like the Winters move and while I expect he'll start, the Jets can now adhere to their competition policy with a wide mix of guys.

Oho Geno -- I get the hesitancy to drafting a QB, but there's little lost by doing so. We pretty much knew Sanchez and the Jets were heading for a divorce in 2014, this gives the Jets a potential replacement but after letting him fall to them, there's no need to push an agenda with him or any of the QBs. Also, there's no harm in moving on soon should the Jets somehow be in a position in 2014 to draft a Bridgewater or Manziel.

Milliner to Grind the Gronk? -- The Jets have been looking for the counter move in the latest back and forth between Pats receivers and Jets secondary. Could Milliner be a guy the Jets use as to quiet Gronk? He helped slow Eifert in the BCS Bowl game.

Subdued Rex -- Maybe I was reading into it, but did Rex seem a little out of character? Watch the presser and let me know ...

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