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It’s time for the Ninth Annual TJB draft picks projection contest on!

Note: We've bumped this to the top again, in case you didn't get your entries in yet.

The rules are simple – pick twelve players you think the Jets might draft and you score one point for each one that the Jets select. Trades are irrelevant as you do not need to allocate a round to where a certain guy is selected (undrafted free agent signings do not count). We usually only let you have 10 picks, but since the Jets enter Thursday with 12, we'll give you two extra, even though they may end up trading some of those picks to move up or to acquire future picks or veteran players. I guess in theory they could also end up picking more than 12 guys, as unlikely as it seems, but you're limited to 12 picks no matter what, so make the most of it.

You can only enter the contest once and we cannot accept any new entries or edits to existing entries once the first pick of the draft has been announced.

Let’s see if anyone can dethrone the current champion, JTA, who tied will and damion’s all-time record score of three points last year! You'll never get a better chance with the two extra picks this year.

The winner gets our eternal respect (until next year), bragging rights and perhaps a beer or two if any of us ever meet you.

This year’s tie breaker question is which number pick in the draft do you expect Dri Archer to be selected with? Please include your guess with the picks projection.

Post your entries here in the comments. We'll bump this to the top of the page every now and then over the next few days. Good luck, everyone!

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