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With everything else that could have been reported about the Jets, this was what ESPN and PFT chose to pick up this morning -- that Ravens Assistant GM Eric DeCosta turned down the opportunity to interview with the Jets.

Why? Well apparently DeCosta has a deal in place to succeed Ozzie Newsome.

And this is a revelation how?

We wrote a week ago that it would be an impossible get.  Almost a year ago to the day, Mike Florio reported that DeCosta was virtually off the market indefinitely and would stay put in Baltimore until Newsome retired ... that DeCosta had this sort of agreement at that point.

So Florio knows this.  Everyone who pays attention to this stuff knows that DeCosta already has his next job in place.

So why report something like this that's already widely known about  DeCosta's plans as if it isn't known or is news in some way?

Because Mike Florio loves any chance he can to get in a dig on the Jets, of course!!

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