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James Walker writes on ESPN that the Jets need to move on from Tim Tebow and their unwillingness to do so in his mind is troubling.

Why the Jets would extend Tebow-mania in New York is baffling. This experiment was a disaster from the start and it’s time to let it go. The best the Jets can probably get is a seventh-round pick. Is that worth another month or so of Tebow questions, Tebow distractions and Tebow headlines for New York during the offseason?

The smart thing for the Jets to do is release Tebow and get it over with. This was a huge mistake by former Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum. Yet, Idzik wants to keep this problem around longer than necessary.

It's true, the chances of trading Tim Tebow in the NFL are very slim.  Maybe the Jets can work out a trade with the Montreal Alouettes?

Even so that's why James Walker is not a GM in the NFL and Idzik is.  There's very little downside to holding onto Tebow for another month ... or at least long enough to exhaust trade options.  The damage is done at this point ... can it get any worse? Especially if it means an extra draft pick for the Jets, even if just a seventh.

Note: Bent also notes in the comments that a trade would provide cap relief for the Jets that cutting would not.  That's also a huge factor for a team with little cap room. 

Having to deal with Tebow questions at this point of the NFL calendar is vastly overblown.  The media isn't asking questions every day in Florham Park so buying more time to potentially come up with a trade partner is offset by some limited media availability at the upcoming owners meetings and/or the Combine. More than anything I see that Idzik isn't haunted by the ghosts of the past.  Idzik isn't fazed by Mark Sanchez's presence on the roster, isn't cowed by Darrelle Revis's contract demands, and isn't afraid to hang onto Tim Tebow just a little longer.  Those are exactly the reasons why I think the new GM is off to a better start than Walker seems willing to give credit.

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