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With the Jets are silent on who their next general manager will be, the rumblings are that the Jets are getting serious about finding their offensive coordinator.  While Norv Turner was just named in Cleveland, and Cam Cameron is reported to be out of the running, here's our very short list of - as best we can tell - who's left in the mix right now. All subject to change .. 

Stanford Offensive Coordinator / QB Coach Pep HamiltonHamilton seems to be at or near the top of the list.  As other teams start to work quickly in the wake of the myriad of other recently announced moves, the Jets might want to do the same.  The Jets are going to have a lot of work ahead of them this offseason on offense and the West Coast disciple might be a good fit for a team with two quarterbacks under contract without cannon arms.  Hamilton admittedly traces his offensive style back to Paul Hackett, but who also has Air Coryell sensibilities.  He might bring some new terminology but concepts familiar to Jets players.  Hamilton likes to have a big playbook, so look for situational gameplans that would be a little more grounded in sense than Schottenheimer's were.  Likelihood: Hamilton seems like the most likely option for the Jets.

Former Eagles Offensive Coordinator Marty MorhinwegAll we know at present is that the Jets haven't ruled Morhinweg out yet.  His West Coast system has had sustained success in Philadelphia, but the team had quite an impressive collection of skill position talent as well.  Morhinweg might have his work cut out in year one, but could be a good stable answer for the Jets and whatever they are trying to build moving forward.  Likelihood: Morhinweg might be the team's backup candidate at present, but might not be a bad choice for the Jets to make even so.

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