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Right now Rex Ryan is faced with quite a dilemma and as far as the public knows, no decision has been made.  He has three quarterbacks, each with their own strengths, faults and salary cap hits for the 2013 season.  Does Ryan go back to the the listless salary hog he has defended all season?  Does Ryan go for the media darling with an imposing size yet the inability to play the spot consistently?  Or does Ryan go with the unheralded seventh round draft pick with small hands?  

How does a player's coach like Rex Ryan move forward with the team in the wake of Greg McElroy's unexpected invigoration of his team and seven point performance?

MARK SANCHEZ: The biggest discipline Rex ever made on his quarterback was removing some practice snaps to a quarterback almost old enough to be Sanchez's father.  Yesterday, Rex Ryan said that he'd seen enough and that a change had to be made.  Did Ryan mean for good?  Did Ryan mean just for the game?  Until yesterday Rex Ryan never wavered in his support of Mark Sanchez, but after a three interception performance and a flat start of the second half, and a close game, Rex finally gave up.  Sanchez's egregious holding of the ball too long, his total mistrust of his offense and his total lack of spark were enough to do him in.  That said, what does that mean for next week?  Sanchez might yet regain the top spot after some soul-searching, talk with his general manager and owner and by virtue of the cap number he threatens the Jets with in 2013.

ODDS: 3-1

TIM TEBOW: According to everything we know, Tim Tebow is supposed to be the team's number two quarterback but it's kind of convenient that on the first week of the season he's inactive, the Jets reach deep down to the third stringer and let him play when Sanchez lays and egg.  This isn't the first terrible game from Sanchez this season, so why is it any different that this would be the game where they actually play the backup?  It's conspiratorial at best, it is plausible that Tebow was "engineered" out of the situation this week to allow for the opportunity for McElroy.  With broken ribs and a coach who is most assuredly not on board with his style of play, it seems like a longshot that Tebow would start this coming weekend even if this game does come in front of his hometown crowd.  That said, I think that Tebow leads the Jets to victory just as well as McElroy did if he was active ... but maybe just not with a 118 passer rating.

ODDS: 10-1

GREG MCELROY: All this point, all an exasperated Rex Ryan wants is a quarterback who can hand the ball off, get out of the way and complete some first downs when needed.  The turnovers have plagued Mark Sanchez all year and yesterday McElroy came in and did enough, but didn't try and do too much.  The Jets players responded to McElroy on and off the field and were impressed with the second year quarterback's performance.  With a slate of softies on the horizon for the Jets, playing McElroy down the stretch might be a viable answer.

ODDS: 2-1

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