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Longtime TJB reader and self-professed "Mayor of the Draft" TSJC68 has spent a load of time putting together a draft board using the same methodology as many NFL teams and has graciously agreed to share it with our readers. This would be a great resource before, during and after the draft and also gives us plenty of discussion material

Here's just a snap-shot which should give you an idea of how the board has been put together.

As you can see, players have been grouped by position and by draftable round. This covers all seven rounds together with undrafted free agents and also includes a top 300 ranking list.

To view the image in all its glory go here and then click on the image to enlarge.

There's more detail from TSJC68 about how this can be used after the jump.

My rankings aren't simply team-neutral evals, but are skewed to how I think the Jets would/should value these players (i.e., the RB evals take into account Mornhinweg's preference for pass-catching ability and elusiveness over brute force/tackle breaking, the OLBs are sorted into Rush OLBs vs. Utility OLBs with an eye on who can handle Rex's various assignments, CBs have a preference for press-man vs. off-zone, etc.). Because of this, some guys who might be lower in a more traditional, one-size-fits-all board would be higher preference for our team.

And this isn't a ranking to simply say "Take this guy in this round"; obviously, part of drafting is the game theory to identify which guys you might have a 3rd round grade on that you think the rest of the league would undervalue and might still be there in the 6th round. It's more a ranking of "this guy deserves a grade this high, so taking him here wouldn't be a bad move because he's worth it".

TSJC68 has agreed to make himself available in the comments below if you have any questions about how to interpret the information or just want to discuss any of his rankings and preferences as the draft approaches.

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