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In case anyone wants to discuss Super Bowl XLVII, please feel free to use this thread! 

Seattle Seahawks against Denver Broncos -- Some statisticians have already asserted in the last week that this Super Bowl game could be one for the ages.  Why?  When you take one of the best offenses the league has ever seen and pit it against one of the best defenses the league has seen, it could make for quite the match-up.  So in such a game, who do you choose?  Irresistible object or immovable force?  From my perspective, I have to consider the other units.  Obviously the Broncos defense hasn't been in the same class as the offense, but the group, led by Pot "Roast" has been getting hot at the right time.  Can the same be for the Seahawks offense, which has looked lukewarm during their playoff run?  While hyper-delicate, Seattle receiver Percy Harvin is the man that could change everything for the Seahawks tonight ... but can he stay healthy and on the field?


Who do you think will win? What plays stand out during the course of tonight's game?  What’s the determining factor between who wins and loses?  Was the halftime show any good?  What do you think was your favorite/least favorite commercial?

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