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This will assuredly be among the seemingly interminable stream of Revis-related articles but this is a pretty momentous day in Jets history that will undoubtedly define John Idzik's tenure as General Manager and the identity of this team going forward. The Revis departure, as crushing as it may be to a lot of fans, was inevitable and although he will be missed, this move has the potential to make the Jets contenders. I could only imagine what many of you are thinking at this juncture: "This guy must be an idiot, how do you lose possibly the best cornerback of all-time and say that it makes the team better?"

Well, since you asked the answer is that it does and it doesn't. The acquisition of the Bucs' First-Round picks gives the Jets two high picks in close proximity to each other, which gives them the ability to fill holes at two key positions of which there are many. It may just be one man's humble opinion but if the Jets select a Guard and a pass-rushing Outside Linebacker that they can pencil in as starters with their two First-Rounders then the Revis trade has already made the team better. For all of his greatness, Revis is only one player, albeit one hell of a player, but still one guy does not a team make and the Jets realized they were likely a losing team with or without him given Swiss Cheese-esque state of the the roster.

Of course, draft picks are only valuable if they turn into productive players and the selection of said players will be on John Idzik and his crack team of scouts and advisers, which ironically enough is pretty much the same think-tank that former GM, Mike Tannenbaum used to lean on. There is no telling what will happen or who the Jets will select with their pair of first rounders as this is the one of the most unpredictable drafts in recent memory.

However, having that second first-rounder gives Idizk a lot of flexibility as he now has the ability to trade down and compile more picks, while hopefully accruing some more quality depth or in the rather unlikely scenario, trade up for a Dion Jordan or someone they may be particularly high on.  That said, I don't think he would pursue the latter option, if for no other reason but to distance himself from the prior regime, whose hallmark was trading up to get "their guy." This draft will need to be a proverbial haul for the  Jets, akin to 2006, which also happens to be the last time they had multiple first-rounders going into the draft.

Although fans, critics, and experts alike are writing off the 2013 Jets as a "rebuilding" team, that process could be expedited by a bountiful draft like the one the Colts had last year. Granted there is one huge difference between the Colts 2012 draft and the Jets 2013 draft and that is of course, the lack of an Andrew Luck-caliber Quarterback prospect. However, I'm of the belief of the Jets can find at least two starters in the early rounds, this team becomes exponentially more competitive in 2013 than they would have been with Revis. Imagine if Rex is able to finally get his Terrell Suggs that can wreak havoc on Quarterbacks, it has the potential to change the way the Jets play defense and in that scenario the tandem of Kyle Wilson and Antonio Cromartie will probably suffice.

In addition to whoever the Jets decide to draft, there is still the lingering prospect that they will acquire Saints Running Back, Chris Ivory which has the potential to be a move similar to the one the Falcons made for Michael Turner a few years ago. Ivory would add that element of explosiveness and dynamism to the Jets offense that has been missing for quite some time and if the front office can help him out by getting a stud prospect at Guard to block, suddenly things don't seem so doom and gloom.

The bottom line is that, yes we will all miss Darrelle Revis and all that he did for this franchise but perhaps his biggest contribution will be allowing the team to rebuild quicker than originally thought and maybe even win some games in 2013.

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