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While Osi Umemyiora's public criticisms of the Giants are widely known, the defender has expressed his desire stay with his original club if at all possible ... but if that's not about to happen, Osi's not opposed to becoming a player for the crosstown Jets.

“There’s a couple of teams my agent told me he will be contacting at a later time,’’ Umenyiora told The Post during an appearance on behalf of MetLife, helping to promote Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium. “I maintained to him my preference is to return to the Giants.’’

When asked if the pass-rush-starved Jets are one of the teams on his immediate list, Umenyiora said, “Rex Ryan, when I was coming out of college he was with Baltimore at the time and he came down to work me out at Troy, he came to Atlanta, just me and him. We had a pretty good time out there so I’ve always enjoyed him as a coach and as a person. That might be a good fit. Hopefully it will be with the Giants.’’

Jason Taylor was able to help out the Jets in a similar spot a few years ago, but it would once again be a short-term answer to a very longer term problem that the Jets have never seriously addressed during his first four years with the team.  Taylor was brought in as a situational pass rusher and he had some impact in that fashion.

Osi's contract squabbles have become the stuff of New York tabloid legend, so the likelihood of him being willing to take what the Jets might be interested in offering him (a veteran minimum contract most likely) might not be something Osi would want unless he can't seen to get more somewhere else first.  With the expected departures of Bryan Thomas and Calvin Pace this year, more than ever the Jets are going to have to address the edge pass rusher.

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