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We try to look at the Jets opponents every week and take some of the statistical numbers from Football Outsiders to better understand what the Jets will be facing on Monday.

Pass Offense: 50.0% (2nd)

Rush Offense: 7.0% (5th)

O-Line Adjusted Line Yards: 4.16 Yards (10th)

O-Line Adj. Sack Rate: 3.4% (2nd)

Analysis: Where to start?  The Texans offense is firing on all cylinders.  The line is doing enough for it's skill players and QB Matt Schaub, RB Arian Foster, WR Andre Johnson and TE Owen Daniels are all playing great football.  For the Jets defense it's going to come down to playing sound fundamental football, controlling the line of scrimmage and solid tackling.  The Jets might be in some trouble when it comes to defending the pass with as many options as Schaub seems to have in the passing game.  Cromartie might have a tough game against Andre Johnson, but if he and Kyle Wilson can play man coverage and play physically, they might have a shot to slow the passing game.  Of course that means that with most teams worrying about their receivers, Owen Daniels and former Jet Joel Dreesen seem to be able to make the most of it across the middle of the field.

Pass Defense: -30.3% (2nd)

Rush Defense: -15.3% (13th)

Defensive Adjusted Line Yards: 4.20 Yards (23rd)

Defensive Adj. Sack Rate: 9.1% (4th)

Analysis: The Jets one convincing win this season came against a defense that has some of the same flaws as this group, but the big difference is that overall the Texans secondary is much better than the Bills were.  The point is, that if the Jets can run the ball, specifically right up the middle of the Texans defense they might have a chance to move the chains that way while also negating the pass rush and coverage skills of the Texans.  In the passing game Jonathan Joseph is playing great football and the Jets would be wise to steer far clear of him or away from passing the ball at the slot receiver, where the Texans seem to be world-class at breaking up the pass.  More than anything, the Jets can't turn the ball over as losing the turnover battle will ruin any chances they might have in this game.

Special Teams: -10.0% (29th)

Analysis: The Jets would be wise to try and take advantage of the Texans special teams unit by trying to sneak a possession or two away from them. Look for Westy to try and dial it up against Houston Monday night.

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