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We try to look at the Jets opponents every week and take some of the statistical numbers from Football Outsiders to better understand what the Jets will be facing on Sunday.

Pass Offense: 9.8% (15th)

Rush Offense: -9.3% (21st)

O-Line Adjusted Line Yards: 4.08 Yards (15th)

O-Line Adj. Sack Rate: 4.6% (7th)

Analysis: Well, the Ryan Tannehill > Mark Sanchez talk has already begun, but let's wait until teens get a second look at him to determine just how good a quarterback Tannehill could be.  While the Dolphins offense racked up some serious yards against the Jets in their last meet up, they have become much more pedestrian group since that time, and Reggie Bush in or out of the game doesn't seem to make that much of a difference. There's two distinct areas where the Dolphins are strong. First, Brian Hartline is having an excellent season and could spell trouble for the Jets. Hartline is a physical receiver and might not match up well against Cromartie. Second, the Dolphins have proven quite adept at getting rid of the ball quickly and protecting Tannehill - the Dolphins have taken just 11 sacks all season good enough for sixth best in the league.

Look to see if the Jets can bottle up the run better than they did in their last matchup, and bring some safety blitzes to disrupt Tannehill when the Dolphins are forced to pass.

Pass Defense: -1.4% (11th)

Rush Defense: -26.5% (3rd)

Defensive Adjusted Line Yards: 4.41 Yards (4th)

Defensive Adj. Sack Rate: 6.2% (18th)

Analysis: When the teams first played, we were surprised at just how effective the Dolphins were at doing exactly what the Jets *wanted* to do with the team this year.  Of course, by that we mean run the ball and play solid defense.  While the rookie quarterback might get much of the attention in Miami, it's the defense that has kept this Dolphins team relevant and winning.  Right now, the Dolphins are doing a lot right on defense and it starts with the run. Shonn Greene an offensive line have made some strides in recent weeks, but this is going to be another test to see just how far they've come in the first half of the season.  Yards will be hard to come by on the ground, but unlike the Patriots last week there might not be the same gaping holes in this Dolphins secondary.  The Dolphins defense isn't particularly weak in any one area, but the Jets should look to take advantage of their running backs and tight ends in the passing game as that might prove the most effective strategy against this defense.

Special Teams: 4.2% (8th)

Analysis: The Jets special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff said prior to their first game in September that the Dolphins have "the best battery in the NFL" at the punter-kicker-snapper spots.  So far this year, the Dolphins have played well on specials but the one area that has been their weakness has been in their field goal game.  On the season so far Dan Carpenter is 7/11 (63.6%), with two big misses coming against the Jets.  Carpenter was 1/1 last week, but keep an eye on Carpenter if the game is a close affair, potentially coming down to a field goal attempt.

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