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According to a panel of general managers, former-GMs, personnel evaluators and other football people, Geno Smith is the worst quarterback in the NFL (ESPN, July 2).

Smith came in dead last among voters, who did relent that "it's too early to write off Smith" and he's "young enough to make a move."

The panel of "experts" must not have watched much Matt Schaub game tape last year.  Or Chad Henne, or EJ Manuel ... or hell even Joe Flacco.  Flacco was atrocious in 2013 posting a Sanchez-like 19TDs to 22 INTs.

Yes, Smith had a bad year and was thrown into the deep end without a lot of talent over the course of 16 games as a rookie. There were questions as to his readiness as an NFL starter, but to anyone who paid attention there were less questions at the end of 2013 than there were at the start of the season by a wide margin.  I can't say the same for a quarterback like Chad Henne or Matt Schaub, that to me is the definitive of "worst."

There were decidedly worse quarterbacks and we'd have to think that Smith's ceiling is higher than the likes of Matt Schaub, among others.

This is classic pandering cloaked as journalism.

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