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This week the Jets front office will keep an eye on the athletes in Indianapolis, but the team's personnel folks will also be sure to use the time to chat with their opposite numbers and hat-in-figurative-hand ask whether teams might be interested in one of two vastly different players.

One is an elite athlete at the top of the league, though sidelined much of the 2012 season due to a gruesome knee injury.  The second was sidelined much of the 2012 too.  He had a zeitgeisty run with a former team two years ago, and was used in an elaborate, yet poorly conceived and executed part of the Jets offense and special teams last season.

Oh, and he also has been shamelessly milked dry for viewership by The Four Letter to prop up their ratings.

While Revis will likely be the one that will engender more legitimate conversations of the two, teams might balk once cost gets brought into the discussion.  Will the price tag for Revis be too high for most teams in terms of both draft picks as well as whatever it might take contractually to keep him happy?  Revis is looking for around $16 million per year over the course of a contract (ouch) and the Jets will want at least one first round draft pick.

Tebow on the other hand, has started in the NFL and won some games and is compared against a thin crop of quarterback prospects in this year's draft class.  Tebow might be only equipped to run a gimmick offense, but a variation of that gimmick offense (with a much more competent trigger puller, granted) went all the way to the Super Bowl this past year ...

The Jets won't be able to actually trade Tebow until March 12, but even so, it sadly doesn't look like there will be much of a market for Tebow.  If the Jets do somehow manage to strike a deal, I imagine it would be of the Tebow and a fifth rounder for a seventh rounder variety.  If the Jets can't iron out a deal like this, then the Jets won't get the couple million dollars worth of cap relief that would come from trading Tebow ... and ultimately that is what trading Tebow is all about for the Jets.

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